Volunteering Opportunities

Why pick us?
  • The Babies Home in Uganda is a registered NGO.
  • We support the reintegration of children and always work with the children’s welfare at heart.
  • The privacy of children is always guaranteed, because only the employees know about personal details.
  • We do not make any money with your stay. All payments are directly taken to the management in Uganda and used for your food or the rent of the property.
  • With your stay no local jobs are threatened to be taken from locals. You support the infrastructure and are able to bring in your own ideas. However, you will also fulfil tasks brought to you by the employees.
  • We try to make your experience as wide and exciting as we can, but please note that we do this on a voluntarily basis and rely on you taking up responsibilities.
What we are looking for:
Motivated volunteers, who are at least 18 years old. You should have good English language skills, because the communication in and around the Babies Home will be in English and it makes it easier for everybody and will be beneficial for a successful time!
In addition, we appreciate if you already have experience in child education, care-taking, nursing or if your field of study is in any way related. However, this is not a requirement.

Duration of stay: 2-12 months

Location: Entebbe, Uganda

Working hours: Full-time from Monday to Friday. Expect a 40h-week, with the possibility of night shifts. This means that you should plan any travelling around your stay at the Babies Home. It is not possible to take a lot of time off.

Accommodation: In an international guesthouse on the neighbouring compound of Purpose Uganda BabiesHome.

Costs: 170 € per month for

  • accommodation
  • lunch at Purpose Uganda BabiesHome
    (note that except for the money for food you are supporting the cause of the Babies Home!)

Extra costs:

  • flight
  • visa
  • health/travel insurance, recommended vaccination
  • pocket money


  • Taking care of the children: feeding, bathing, playing, helping with homework, doctor appointments, organizing small trips or activities.
  • Teaching: There is the possibility to assist our teachers at Purpose Uganda Pre-School.
  • Reporting: We expect a monthly report with information about your work and updates on the children’s developments. Reports should include pictures and will be used to update social media sites. You will have to write a final report (in English) for the home manager.



This internship is organized by Abaana Uganda e.V.. We are a small group working on a voluntary basis. Therefore we cannot offer an all-inclusive-support-package, as some larger organizations are able to do. We will provide you with all necessary information and help you to organise your stay. You will be able to speak directly to one of us via Skype and can contact us through email. Accommodation in Uganda will be provided and you will have an emergency contact. But please note that all other responsibilities remain with the future volunteer.